Business Revenue Lending

Business Revenue Lending will lend your business money based on your consistent revenue.  If your business has $150,000 or more collected in revenue this year, you might qualify for this program, even if you have personal credit challenges.

  • Approval amounts from $5,000-150,000
  • Approval based on the amount of current revenue your business reflects on your business bank statements
  • Lender will review 4-6 months of your bank statements
  • If your statements show that you earn more than $150,000 in revenue, if you don’t have a lot of Non-Sufficient-Funds showing on your banks statements, and if you are processing 30 or more transactions in a month, you stand a great chance of being approved
  • Loan terms are typically between 6-18 months
  • You can be approved with a consumer credit score as low as 520
  • Lender will collect a portion of your future revenue until the loan is paid back in its entirety. This is a nice benefit, because if your revenue drops in a month, so will your repayment obligation
  • All that is reviewed for approval is your bank statements, and in some cases your merchant statements
  • Takes 2 weeks to close

This is a popular program for many businesses, and you can secure your money in as little as two weeks!

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