401k Plan Financing

Our 401k Financing offers a powerful and flexible way for new or existing businesses and franchises to leverage assets that are currently in a 401 K plan or IRA. In as little as 3 weeks you can invest a portion of your retirement funds in your business, giving you more control over the performance of your retirement plan assets and the working capital you need for business growth.

There are many benefits for 401k financing:

  • This is a safe, proven plan based on long-standing provisions of the Internal Revenue Service
  • You can be approved within 2-3 weeks
  • Multiple partners can join in and contribute from multiple 401k plans
  • Approvals are as high as 200% of the amount you currently possesses in your 401k

You will have your own personal specialists that will help you setup your 401k financing. They will assist you with setting up a new 401k plan for your corporation and rolling over your funds to your new 401k plan. Your new 401k plan can then invest in your corporation, instantly increasing your capital making your business cash rich.

This is a great funding option for anyone with an existing 401k or IRA who want to use those funds to start or grow a business!

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